A message from our founder, Dia Foley

Hi, I’m Dia.

I’ve been immersed in beauty for what seems like my entire life. I’ve spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people about their skin, and the one thing that is universal is how quickly people discard products if they don’t deliver results in a few days, or a week. 

I’ve made it my mission to share this message and dispel the marketing hype around, instant results and quick fixes.

Did you know that it takes just 66 days to form a healthy habit*? And that skin can be affected by so many factors; from your diet, sleep pattern, stress, and your environment.  

From my experience, some days make it impossible to stay on track and I can get easily distracted. Taking on too many tasks leaves me not very excited about spending time playing bathroom chemist.  

So, by creating products that are stacked with the most iconic and efficacious ingredients, I’m giving you back the time you didn’t know you were missing.  

Please join me in building a community that will inspire everyone to develop healthy habits that benefit not just your skin, but your life and the world around you too. 

Love, Dia x