How To Declutter Your Life

Although it may sound cliché, having a cluttered life leads to a stress-filled life. Mad dashes to find what you want, lots of unmanageable surroundings that can easily clog up your time, leaving you feeling unproductive and deflated. We have been there and can help. Sometimes it seems like a mountain of clutter is too stressful to think about tackling, but with small steps, you can get there.

Decluttering your lifestyle doesn’t just mean the space around you, it can relate to friends, family, work stresses, habits and much more. It takes a thoughtful and scheduled approach to master the art of decluttering but once you are there, you will feel so accomplished. Making a habit of organization will make your mind feel clear and will truly benefit your lifestyle in every aspect.

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    Mentally Prepare

    When it comes to decluttering your life, it takes some serious self-reflection on what habits you currently possess that are negatively impacting your life. What habits have caused the clutter in the first place? Are you setting unrealistic expectations for yourself? Understanding the root cause of why you feel your life is cluttered is key to knowing your way out.

    You also need to understand why you want to declutter your life, are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Are you stuck in a rut? Focus on what you want your life to look like and set yourself goals to get there. Consider using a journal to write down your goals, progress and schedules, this way you have a clear understanding and checklist of what you need to do. Focus on your main goal throughout and it will make the process worthwhile.

    Identify your habits, what habits do you need to cut out and what healthy habits can you incorporate into your lifestyle? It takes approximately *66 days to form a habit and for it to become automatic. So, what new habits can you form today to become a better version of yourself?  

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    Start Small

    Decluttering doesn’t just mean material items; it also means just simplifying different aspects of your life. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle and attitude can benefit your road to living a clutter free life. Decluttering is a lengthy process and can’t be done overnight, so start small and begin with the obvious things. By putting too much pressure on yourself you will become quickly overwhelmed and want to give up. So even if it means starting with some organization of your calendar or your smartphone camera roll, it is still a start.

    Your journey is personal to you, so go at a pace which is comfortable for you.

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    Begin With Physical Clutter

    Begin with the physical things that you can see and organize. Whether it is just one bed side drawer or your closet, any start is better than none! Being consistent isn’t always easy but it sure as hell is worth it! By embracing the less is better approach you can take control of your life and your wellbeing.

    When it comes to material items, try not to be sentimental. It can be difficult to part ways with some things but if you have no use for it anymore, donate it or get rid of it. Start with whatever you don’t use in you daily lifestyle, really evaluate whether or not it is worth your space. When your space is clear, it allows your mind to be clear. Make your space your happy place with your favourite scents, colours, and textures.

    This is your place to unwind and feel calm, so making it to your taste will help to improve your wellbeing!

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    Move Towards Emotional Clutter

    Once you feel you have a grip on the physical clutter in your life, it allows you to move onto emotional clutter in your life. This can relate to work stress, bad habits, friends, people around us and personal struggles. Start by mapping out what is making you feel overwhelmed and the things you don’t feel you have control over.

    Slowly, begin to find ways you can change them, whether it means writing things down, asking for help or saying goodbye to toxic relationships. Try this simple start. Set yourself 60 seconds every morning and evening to do the simple things; wash your face and moisturize.

    That’s all you need. You can apply this to many other areas of your life too.

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    Set Future Goals

    Once you have control of your clutter, begin to create habits for your future to ensure the clutter doesn’t build up again. Habits take 66 days to form and become part of your routine, so start off today with a goal you want to achieve and keep to it best you can. It could be drinking more water or meditating every day! All things that can positively impact your daily life. Begin today to become the best version of yourself. Th creation of habits is the best way to improve your wellbeing and routines.

    Clutter can become stressful, overwhelming, and hard to navigate. With our 5 tips to help you declutter your life you can start to unravel the stresses you face daily and start to feel in control of your life again. Maximize every minute on earth by doing what makes you feel confident and happy.

    At Community Sixty-Six we are here to create healthy habits, together. Join us!

Simplicity matters as much as the habit itself. The simpler the routine, the more likely we are to stick to it. What is your best habit? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @communitysixtysix to join our community, so we can create healthy habits, together.

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